Our Team

"Teamwork makes the dream work"

Futor started off as a sketch on a notebook when a girl in college, the night before an exam, decided there had to be a better way to cram for her practical. She employed the ultimate form of procrastination and decided she wanted to build a start-up that centered around solving one problem : How to find a tutor with a similar academic background in the same library as you. After ten months of ideating, she found someone who wanted to champion her vision, and together, they formed Futor.

Nikitha S. Shakamuri


Nikki is a current second-year post-bac student at The University of Pennsylvania and a Medical Sociology researcher at PennMed pursuing her passion of merging innovation and healthcare. During her undergraduate time at Bryn Mawr College, she has worked in product development at Sumitomo Bakelite and HawXeye ( acquired by Bossa Nova). As a tutor for thirteen years in companies like JEI & TEACH, as well as non-profits around Philly, she hopes to bridge her passions of researching pressing problems, providing education accessibility, and infusing tech in impactful ways through Futor.

Shruti Keoliya


Shruti is a senior studying Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked as a product management intern at the Japanese E-Commerce giant Rakuten in Tokyo, as a BizDev intern in a Silicon Valley cybersecurity company and as a data scientist at AT&T Big Data. As a teaching assistant for multiple undergraduate classes at Penn, she realizes the importance of different learning styles. She is deeply passionate about women in technology and making the developing world more tech capable. She is a product and data nerd and hopes to bring her expertise and interest in the two fields to Futor.

Justine de Jesus

Graphic Design Lead

Justine is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Cognitive Neuroscience and Visual Studies. While her passion for design led her to pursue an internship at Johnson and Johnson's DesignLab this past summer, she now hopes to bring her experience to Futor. As the team's graphic design lead, she believes that design plays a critical role in strengthening the connections between technology and education.

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